Tienda mosquitera instantánea SansBug Buen Precio

Tienda mosquitera instantánea SansBug

Tienda mosquitera instantánea SansBug

Características del producto

  • SansBug Free-standing Pop-up Mosquito Net Tent

Descripciones del Producto
Description : PLEASE **CAREFULLY** WATCH THE YOUTUBE DEMO VIDEO BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO FOLD IT – the tent pops up in one second, folds down in less than 5 seconds!;The tent is shipped tri-folded in a 26 inch disc, but it can be packed smaller to a 20 inch disc. It may also be shipped in a big box – don’t be intimidated by the size of the box!;Weighs only 1 kg! Folds into a thin disc, only about 1 inch thick. We recommend tri-folding it unless you really need to fit it in your luggage.;Length: 220cm, Width: 100cm, Height: 90cm. Can be laid on an air mattress, single bed, bunk bed or cot.;Tarp floor; Mesh with ~1000 holes per inch will also protect against bedbugs and no-see-ums; Fiberglass poles

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